How to add music from the computer?


On any Mac running OS X Yosemite or later:

1. Download and install Style Jukebox Manager for Mac

2. Select your music folders

3. Follow-up the on-screen instructions

For more instructions on the Manager for Mac, click here.


You can use the Web Player, to easily upload up to 100 songs.

On any Mac, Linux or Windows:

1. Go to Style Jukebox Web Player using the latest Safari / Chrome / Firefox
2. In the bottom-left corner choose Add music
3. Select the files you want to add


All you have to do is:

1. Download and install Style Jukebox for Windows
2. Click on the Add Music button
3. Choose Add file or Add folder
4. Select the files you want to add

Style Jukebox will do the rest. Your songs will start uploading immediately in the background and will appear on all your connected devices. 

Background mode

Style Jukebox will continue to upload your music in the background with minimum used resources even when you close it. An icon will appear in the taskbar / system tray that indicates the progress of the sync. 

Folder Watch

Managing your library every time you get a new song can be a headache. By enabling 'Folder watch' and adding all your music folders to it, Style Jukebox will automatically look for changes and will reflect them in your library each time you add or remove songs.

Folder watch can be found in Settings, in the Library tab. 

Additional information

Your songs are uploaded as is, and upload time varies depending on the amounts uploaded and your local network speed.

All your music files remain untouched and are your property.

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    Dave Steele

    OK... upload is easy.   How the heck do you CANCEL an upload?

    I've tried uninstalling the windows app, but when reinstalling is starts uploading again.  I don't want to wait three weeks for the upload to finish (I never imagined it would take so long), I want to cancel and selectively send folders to my jukebox.

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    Trond Solli

    Thank you for the information - that was exactly what I wanted to know when starting subscription and upload. But life isn't always as easy as one could wish:

    Concerning background mode: I have started Add folder in lates Chrome on Windows 10. When I try to close it, this message pops up: " Leaving the page will cancel the uploads". Despite of this I left the page. I could not see any icon concerning Style Jukebox upload in the system tray, nor in Windows Task Manager. What is wrong?


    Restarting Chrome and Add folder once again seems to reset the upload counter. Is all the files previously uploaded processed once more?

    Concerning Folder Watch: I can not find any "Settings" in any "Library tab". Where is it?


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    Trond Solli

    Ok, I found the Windows app on twitter @stylejukebox. Now things are going better .. I hope.

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