Adjusting sound quality

On Style Jukebox for Android and iOS you have to option to adjust the sound quality at which your songs are streamed or downloaded.

By choosing a lower sound quality than the original file you can save cellular bandwidth, offline storage space and depending on network conditions, songs start faster.

You can choose between 3 tiers:

Hi-Res - represents the original file quality, but no more than 24bit/192kHz.

High - represents a 320kbps version of the original file. In case the original file audio quality is lower than 320kbps, then the original file is delivered.

Low - represents a 96kbps version of the original file.

You can adjust the sound quality separably for streaming and downloading from the app's Settings.


For example: an original Hi-Res 24bit FLAC file can have 300 MB, but if you're travelling and network conditions are poor, the file can be delivered at low quality, 96kbps, and the total size could be under 3 MB.

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